No Credit Check | No Monthly Fee | No Overdraft Fees

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Create JelliJARS to segment your money for Budgeting, Saving and Sharing.

Set monthly budgets to automatically distribute Direct Deposits to your various Jars as soon as funds hit your JelliACCOUNT.


Share your JelliJARS for group-funding projects, events, and splitting expenses like rent. Follow your friends' shared Jars to contribute, post comments, and see updates.


Earn cash back rewards every time you make a qualifying purchase with your JelliCARD.

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It's not points. It's not coupons. Just cold, hard cash.



Instant notifications

Assign purchases & deposits to the appropriate JelliJAR in real-time.

Virtual JelliCARD

Immediately access for online purchases and for use with ApplePay or GooglePay.


Style your JelliJARS to match your unique personality.

Family Access

Keep your family connected financially, anyone 14 and older can apply, you can share JelliJARS and send payments between each other.


Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC.

Protection from unauthorized purchases through Visa's Zero Liability Policy.

But Wait, There’s More...

Mail a paper check (like to a Landlord), and easily fund your account via Direct Deposit, Venmo, or Bank Transfer.

“I love sharing Jelli with my clients... Jelli has features that no other budgeting app has, so you can track and manage your expenses successfully. It's hands down the best budgeting app I've ever come across.”

“I love the envelope method of budgeting, but I NEVER carry cash so it doesn’t work for me. Jelli allows me to use the envelope method virtually, so I get to have my cake and eat it too. It’s sweet!”


"We have been using Jelli for 8 months, and it has drastically changed our lives. Separating money is the exact thing we needed to ensure it doesn't slowly disappear over time. We have been able to stick to our budget and save up for so many great things, like our Honeymoon... We honestly don't know what we would do without it!"

- Tate & Sierra